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What to consider when booking your flight

Are you planning your next holiday in New Zealand?

If you don't live near the start of your tour, you will likely have to look into booking a flight.

Air New Zealand flight to the start of your tour

While cheap airfares may seem tempting at first glance, we highly recommend booking fully refundable or at least changeable Air New Zealand airfares if your trip is still several months away.

Here's why:

✔️ Flexibility: Life can be unpredictable. Fully refundable and changeable tickets allow you to cancel or change your flight plans without penalties if something comes up before your trip.

✔️ Peace of Mind: If you need to postpone or cancel your holiday due to unforeseen circumstances like illness, work commitments, or family emergencies, you will not lose your entire fare.

✔️ Avoid Change Fees: With a flexi fare, you can change your itinerary without paying expensive change fees charged by airlines.

Sure, flexi fare tickets cost more upfront, but the added flexibility can be well worth it, especially for trips booked far in advance.

Here is the difference between the cheapest option with one checked bag (seat+bag fare) and the two flexi fare options Air New Zealand offers:

  • Flexichange: date & time changes permitted without change fee - usually $20 extra one way

  • Flexirefund: fully refundable prior to travel and no change fee - usually $40 extra one way

Air New Zealand flight booking - flexi fares explained

For flights from Australia, check out the Trans-Tasman Economy Flexi option!

Don't let cheap fares tie you down - book flexi fares and travel worry-free! 🤗

Extra Tip: 

Book two one-way tickets instead of a return flight. This way you can easily change each leg independently if need be. Plus it allows you to take advantage of any special offers that might come up - simply cancel the fully refundable flight you have booked and book the special 😊.

And while you are at it, have you looked into getting your travel insurance sorted? You might find this blog article useful: Do you really need travel insurance?


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