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Hello and welcome to SidetracksWomen!


My name is Angelika Pastoors. 


Often, I am asked how I can be a tour guide for such a long time.

In fact, it means doing without a lot of what most people would call a 'normal life'.


Still, the answer is straightforward: I love it! It's so rewarding.


Like you, I love the outdoors, hiking, cycling, kayaking ...

My job allows me to enjoy this extensively, to get to know new and lovely people all the time and even to earn my living with it.


How can you become tired of exploring New Zealand, Aotearoa, its stunning landscapes and enormous diversity, the outstanding landmarks?


All reasons why I have chosen New Zealand to become my home.

Even though I have done some tours more than 50 times, it has never been boring. Season, weather conditions, people – it’s all different each time. It makes each tour unique and keeps it interesting.


I am the founder/owner of Sidetracks, but without my team, it would not have been possible to run the company successfully.

To run my own company allows designing tours that I believe are delivering real value for money and which I like to lead. 

It means I can work with like-minded people, both in the office or as tour guides as well as co-operating prefered with local partners who share the same or similar ideas and values.


It enables us to fill our travel philosophy with life:

taking care of people, nature and the environment while doing what we all love - discovering New Zealand!

And hopefully, our tours are attractive to many who are looking for the same.

If you like to learn more about me/us the menu

 'In the Media' you'll find an article, an interview and a video.

We Care

about people, nature, the environment. You will find this at the core of everything we do.

To us, this means we

  • aim for you to take home rest and relaxation, new horizons and lasting memories.

  • allow time to travel ‘slow’ enough to take it all in

  • keep our groups small enough to minimise impact and maximise connection

  • take special care of all animals, air, water, soil and waste wherever we go

  • prefer to work with other small, New Zealand owned or family led businesses

  • pay fair wages and fair prices to our suppliers

  • we give $10 for every booking to a New Zealand charity

  • are always aware of the connection between nature, body, mind, exercise and stress relief

  • we welcome diversity and inclusivity, all women are welcome.

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