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Do you really need travel insurance?

Which is the best travel insurance for me?

We strongly recommend that all our customers take out travel insurance – so it’s a definite YES from us!

Last season four of our participants tested positive for Covid two days before tour start. Therefore, they could not participate - which was disappointing, unpleasant, and expensive for some, as three didn't have travel insurance. Others had accidents before tour start that prevented them from coming along, or fell ill during the tour.

There are plenty of reasons why some don’t take out travel insurance – “too busy”, “I wanted to do it later, then forgot”, “I wanted to save the extra cost”…

However, the unforeseen can happen – so please take this as a reminder:

Don't save on the insurance cost - and to make the most of it, do it right away when you book your tour, so you are covered immediately.

To make this as easy as possible for you, we send you Trip Notes about your Sidetracks Women tour when you book with us that include useful links to insurance companies in New Zealand that offer comparable travel cover including some cover for Covid-19.

But be careful. You are not always insured against everything and under every circumstance, even if it seems that way. Some of our participants have had bad experiences with travel insurance claims (in particular with 1 Cover insurance and with Allianz travel insurance) – it pays to read through all the details of the proposed insurance policy before purchase.

MoneyHub has written two very interesting articles on travel insurance which we highly recommend you read:

  1. Do You Really Need Travel Insurance? This includes a comprehensive explanation of the various policy types, coverage limits, claims processes, costs and must-know facts.

  2. How to Make a Successful Travel Insurance Claim - The Definitive New Zealand Guide This is a guide to navigating the complexities of a travel insurance claim. Learn essential steps, from understanding your policy to effectively handling the claim process, minimise hassle and maximise your claim's success.

We hope you never have to use your new knowledge!

But remember - Travel insurance is like a first aid kit:

You're happy to have it when you need it, but most of all, when you don’t need it.


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