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May we introduce - your Ebike for your Lakes, Fiords & Mountains Cycle Tour

Let us flatten the slopes and overcome headwind for you, and move your joints without the strain!

Electric assisted bikes (Ebikes) are easy to understand and easy to ride. You will be able to ride much bigger distances and keep up with the fittest riders. They have a range of 35 – 80 km on one battery charge and you can recharge them anywhere overnight if needed.

The main bike trails on the Lakes, Fiords & Mountains tour are the multi-day Around the Mountains Trail near Queenstown and the day tour on the Lake Dunstan Trail from Cromwell to Clyde.

We work with two different local Ebike providers that offer Ebikes that are just right for each trail.

May we introduce - your Moustache Ebike for the Around the Mountains Trail
 Avanti & Merida E-Bike
Around the Mountains Trail

Our bikes have been selected based on our experience with the Around the Mountains Trail where it is clear you need a totally reliable, comfortable and easy-to-use bike, plus comfortable seats as well. Our Moustache Ebikes can do it all! They are the SUV of electric bikes, comfortable and high performance, whatever the terrain it’s on! Suited to all riders.

May we introduce - your Sinch Ebike for the Lake Dunstan Trail
Lake Dunstan Trail

The Shimano mid-drive pedal-assist motor that makes use of the gears on the bike (9 speeds) in combination with 2.4 inch wide touring tyres is just perfect for the Lake Dunstan Trail.

Ebike Specs

· Electric motor pedal assist (you still have to pedal but the motor assists you, especially uphill)

· Upright riding position

· Trail-specific bike tyres

· Front suspension

· Disc brakes

All Ebikes include a helmet, a rear carrier bag, a puncture repair kit including a spare tube, a pump, a cycle computer, a drink bottle cage and a lock.

Size Options for your height

Small 155 – 165cm 5'1" - 5'6"

Medium 165 – 178cm 5'5" - 5'10"

Large 178 – 188cm 5'9" - 6'2"

We ask you for your height in the booking form of your guided cycle tour so we can make sure the right size Ebike is available for you on tour.

PS: Ebikes are becoming more and more popular, but unfortunately they are in limited supply. Therefore, better book today!


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