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Ebikes are now the way to go for most Sidetracks Women cycle tours!

Ebikes are becoming more popular by the day, and it’s easy to see why – compared to traditional bikes, they make cycling a breeze!

Sidetracks Women are part of this cycling revolution, and we’re now exclusively using Ebikes on all except specially-customised, private cycle tours.

If you haven’t ridden an Ebike before, don’t worry. Below we take a look at their advantages and also offer a few tips to help you adjust to this popular form of pedal power.

The Ebike’s rise to no 1 choice in a very short space of time

The fanbase of electrically supported bikes has grown from one cycling season to the next – in October 2020 we had 7 standard bikes and 3 Ebikes on an average cycle tour, whereas by the end of the 2021/22 season we had mostly only Ebikes on all cycle tours. And this is not only a trend on Sidetracks Women tours - they are becoming very common on all cycling trails in New Zealand (and overseas).

Numerous advantages

Many of our clients are unsure if their fitness is up to a multi-day bike tour, especially if they’re carrying an injury or are just cautious about aging joints. To all these concerns, the simple answer is to use an Ebike. Going totally Ebike also means we can avoid the tricky situation that can arise with a mix of both standard bikes and Ebikes, which often causes a ride to split into 2 groups. Now no one has to worry about getting behind, or having to wait for others to catch up.

Simple to operate for everyone

Despite being packed with the most modern and technical equipment, Ebikes are very easy to operate. At the beginning of each cycle tour we take plenty of time for a thorough introduction and trial run of our Ebikes – if you have any burning questions, they will get answered!

Battery-assisted yet actively on the move

You decide whether you want to use the electro-engine as a gentle support during a comfortable bike ride or to go at full throttle. Either way, you’ll still get a work-out, as pedalling is needed on an Ebike too! Many women just love the fun of going full speed on long flat straights 😉

You can enjoy the rush of air on your face without having to pedal too hard – enjoy the scenery without the hard slog. Hills and strong headwinds can be tackled effortlessly by Ebike. You are always in control of how much assistance you make use of.

All necessities included

Our Ebikes come with water bottle holder, helmet, rear carrier bag, speedo/distance computer and puncture repair kit (incl spare tube & tool kit).

Being battery powered, there is absolutely no motor noise, and a nightly top-up using just the power outlet at your overnight accommodation will have you fully charged for the next day.

Bringing your own bike & gear

On all tours that start/end in Christchurch, it is possible to bring your own Ebike. We can take up to four bikes per tour from Christchurch.

You are used to your bike and it certainly sounds like a good idea, but it also has some disadvantages. Therefore, we would like to discuss this option with you first.

We transport the bikes in an enclosed trailer, so your bike is safe and weather protected. Please see our blog article Can I bring my own Ebike for more details.

Of course, you can bring your own helmet, and you are also welcome to bring your own seat and pedals if you prefer – we’ll be only too happy to fit them for you. But if you want to travel as lightly as possible, rest assured that we’ll provide you with all the gear you’ll need!

Standard Bikes for private groups

If cycling without motor assistance is your thing, we can still offer you that experience. All you need to do is get a group of like-minded people together (families, friends, teams) and we can offer any of our tours on customised dates (min 2 pax) or can put together a customised tour for you – on standard bikes or Ebikes, whatever your group prefers!


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