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Can I bring my own Ebike?

On most of our cycle tours, you are welcome to bring your own Ebike.

If bringing your own Ebike is an option depends on whether we travel with a bicycle trailer all the way from our starting point Christchurch or not. On most cycle tours we do, but it may differ for some tour dates.

Please feel free to ask! Our email:

Will it be the same tour price?

We are happy to reduce the tour price by the rental fee for the bike minus a small processing fee.

Please consider the following essential information before you decide

  • Your Ebike must be fit for riding on cycle trails with a wide variety of surfaces not just for city rides! (i.e. wide tires, no front-wheel drive, no power throttle)

  • You will be solely responsible for service or repair if something goes wrong with your Ebike during the tour. Our guide won't be able to repair it for you.

  • There are no bicycle workshops (should you need one for a repair) on the Alps to Ocean and the Central Otago Gold cycle tours.

  • There are limited pick-up/drop off points in Christchurch at the start and end of the tour as we need enough space to load/unload the Ebike onto the trailer.

  • Our guide will take all care when loading the Ebike and secure it for the transport. Still, we cannot accept any liability for any damage that occurs during transportation.

If you are happy with these conditions, we are happy to welcome not just you but also your Ebike on one of our cycle tours.

Book now to make sure you are not missing out on the date or even the tour you'd like to do!

6 Days/5 Nights - Easy / Moderate Cycling

7 Days/6 Nights - Easy / Moderate Cycling

Explore Otago - The best Otago cycle trails combined

6 Days/5 Nights - Easy / Moderate Cycling

7 Days/6 Nights - Easy / Moderate Cycling

Some dates are filling up fast!


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