May we introduce - your Ebike for your West Coast Wilderness Cycle Tour

West Coast Wilderness Cycle Trail

Make sure you check out which Ebike size best suits your needs well in advance of your guided cycle tour so we can make sure it is available for you. A bike that fulfills the terrain requirements and is the right size for your frame is a prerequisite for cycling to be a pleasure. We have found the perfect Ebikes for the West Coast Wilderness tour for you.

May we introduce - your Avanti & Merida E-Bike
 Avanti & Merida E-Bike
Avanti & Merida Ebike

Pairing the Low Rise frame with electric assist opens up the trail experience to all riders. These electric trail bikes are equipped with the latest technology with a smooth and powerful E-motor to provide extra power whenever needed. The riding position is upright, allowing the rider to be comfortable while enjoying the amazing scenery.

Bike Specs

· Electric motor pedal assist (you still have to pedal but the motor assists you, especially uphill)

· Upright riding position

· Shock absorbing seat-post

· Trail specific mountain bike tyres

· Front suspension

· Disc brakes

Size Options for your height

Small/Medium 150 – 167cm 4’11” – 5’6″

Medium/Large 168 – 186cm 5’6″ – 6′

PS: Ebikes are becoming more and more popular, but unfortunately they are in limited supply. Therefore, better book today!


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