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Useful tramping equipment – Gaiters

Gaiters – what are they?

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Not everyone is familiar with these leg coverings for hikers, so fair enough to ask!

You might have seen them on ‘serious’ trampers, but wondered if you really need them yourself.

Gaiters cover the vulnerable tops of your footwear to fully protect your feet, ankles, and lower legs from moisture or debris while on a hike or walk.

Why they deserve a place in your hiking kit

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Sand, grass seeds and pebbles have a way of sneaking into even the sturdiest of boots. This can make for uncomfortable walking and can create blisters in no time!

You can easily prevent this by putting on some gaiters. They can help keep rainwater out of your boots too!

You can hire gaiters for a small fee from us if you want to give them a go on your tour –

you might be surprised how helpful they are.

How do I put them on?

Gaiters aren’t particularly complicated to put on. That said, we’ve seen them put on in lots of different ways, to say the least 😉

Most hiking gaiters will have a strap that goes under the heel (holding the gaiter down) and another that wraps around the calf, fastening up on the outside of the leg with some kind of buckle. They do up with either a zip, velcro or press studs (or some combination).

A few things to bear in mind:

  • Make sure the opening/buckle is on the outside of your leg, otherwise the buckles will snag against each other when you walk.

  • Over-tightening any of the straps/closures will be uncomfortable. Just snug them up so the gaiters won’t slip down your leg or ride up.

  • If you have larger calves, you don’t need to overlap the fastener all the way. Generally, a couple of centimetres of overlap is sufficient.

  • On gaiters that have lace hooks, strive to hook the laces as far down on your boot as you can reasonably reach.

Top Tip (if you have rain pants): In a downpour, wear your gaiters underneath your rain pants to create a shingled effect that effectively sheds rain. Otherwise, rain can run down your pants, underneath the gaiters and into your boots.

We have gaiters available that will fit most women. If in doubt talk to us before the tour.

Don’t worry - your guide will be on hand to help if it still feels too complicated 😊


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