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May we introduce - your Ebike for your Explore Otago Cycle Tour

Electric Bikes have made cycle touring possible and pleasurable for a wide range of people. They are simple to operate and eliminate much of the cycling strain from legs and knees. Ebikes are included on all Sidetracks Women cycle tours.

On the Explore Otago Cycle Tour you will be on an Electric Bike like this:

Perfect for the Otago Trails

Our European-designed Ebikes are built with comfort and ease of operation in mind, and feature unisex frames, 29” wheels, front suspension and proven Bosch electronics. We use the very reliable and comfortable step-through Sinch Jaunt Ez 2 DT.

Bike Specs

· Electric motor pedal assist (you still have to pedal but the motor assists you, especially uphill)

· Upright riding position

· Shock absorbing seat-post & gel seat

· Trail specific mountain bike tyres

· Front suspension

· Disc brakes

Size Options

Small/Medium 150 – 167cm 4’11” – 5’6″

Medium/Large 168 – 186cm 5’6″ – 6′

All Ebikes include a helmet, a rear carrier bag, a puncture repair kit including a spare tube, a pump, a cycle computer, a drink bottle cage and a lock.

You are welcome to bring your own seat and pedals if you prefer – we’ll be only too happy to fit them for you.

PS: Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular, but unfortunately, so far there are only limited supplies. Therefore, better book today!


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