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How to get fit for your first cycle tour – Part 1 Stretching Exercises

Doing some stretches every day is a brilliant idea, not only as preparation for a cycling or hiking tour but to maintain general mobility.

We googled and searched for

suitable stretching exercises which

suit most of our participants and

seem age-appropriate.

They should also be

uncomplicated and straightforward to become more quickly part of a daily routine.

Why stretching is good for most

You can find a very helpful explanation about the advantages of stretching and tips on what to look out for by clicking on this link

Credit for this great graphic:
Credit for this great graphic:

Stretching can be a challenge, but getting started is worth it

Another website we liked is

Please don't be put off if an article or video that addresses 'seniors' or 'older people' in the title or description. The choice of words doesn't make the exercises less suitable.

We know that many of our participants belong to these 'groups' by birth year, but they are and feel young. Therefore, just give it a go 😉

It's better to stretch for a few minutes a day than to plan to train intensively for a few weeks before your tour to get fit.

How often do many of us find that something unplanned gets in the way of such resolutions - and then suddenly, the start of the tour is just around the corner?

Important note:

You don't have to become as flexible as this woman to enjoy a cycling or hiking tour with us 😂


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