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Dropped Bike Chain? 4 Tips to Get it Back On

Ker-clunk... the dreaded sound when you try to shift gears and instead your chain drops off the chainring. Don't despair! Follow these steps, add a dash of patience and finesse, and you'll be Riding Happy again in no time.

Look after your Ebike

We have searched the internet for easy-to-understand information and tips on what you should and can do to enjoy your bike for as long as possible.

This includes what to look out for regularly after each ride, how to carry out simple maintenance and repair work yourself, and which treatment will help the battery last as long as possible.

We hope our little mini-series will help you - to help yourself!

We publish this video and information with the kind permission of Brendon from Orgeon Ebikes.

Watch the video to see how easy it is!

1. Remove your chain guard - only if you have one - if not refer to 2.

Break out your handy multi-tool to loosen the bolts and take off the guard. Those little bolts can disappear so keep them in a safe place while you work. Don't have a tool? Check out the Tern Tool or Crankbrothers M19.

2. Create slack in the chain

Push your derailleur forward gently with your left hand and use the slack to work the chain out from where it dropped. This is where the patience and finesse comes in, especially if the chain is really wedged in between the chainring and frame. You've got this!

3. Lay the chain back on the chainring

A conventional chainring has teeth that are all the same size. When you lay the chain back on, it should settle right in and be ready to roll.

A narrow wide chainring has different sized teeth to help keep the chain on bikes that don't have a front derailleur (also known as a 1x drivetrain). Be sure the chain settles all the way into the chainring grooves - that means that the longer chain links are matched up with the wider teeth. Take a peek at your chainring if you're not sure, because it may have a note with details.

4. Secure your chain guard and Ride Happy!

Have fun and success - and we would be happy to hear from you if you have a specific question!


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