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Rediscover the Fun in Hiking: Try Our Slow Hiking Tours!

Last year, we asked a simple question on Facebook: Are your hiking boots gathering dust because you're worried about keeping up with a group? The response was overwhelming. Over 120 replies flooded in, showing that many long to return to the trails but worry about the pace.


So, we listened and decided to offer a special for two of our tour dates as slower-paced hikes.

They proved such a hit that we added an extra one last season and now offer several dates on two different tours as Slow Hiking Tours!

Share the hiking fun
Our motto for these tours: Rediscover the fun in hiking!

What do we mean by Slow Hiking?

A small group of women enjoying a hike together

Our Slow Hiking tours are about creating a space where you can hike at a pace that suits you. We take more time and take frequent short breaks for rests.

It's all about enjoying the journey, not just the destination. There's no rush, no pressure—just a group of like-minded women enjoying the outdoors together.

One Common Question: How Slow is Slow Hiking?

Beautiful views on the track are best shared with your hiking buddies

If you're not a regular hiker but still reasonably fit and walk a lot each week you might be curious: How much slower are these tours compared to our usual hiking tours?

From our experience so far most 'slower' groups take just a little longer than our other hiking groups. This is likely because we take our time on all tours, stop for breaks, interesting plants or exciting views.

We believe the real value of the slow hikes is in the peace of mind. Every woman who books a slow hiking date knows it might be slower. No one needs to feel embarrassed if they are slow – no blame and shame. With this ease of mind, many women feel encouraged to go hiking again.

Instead of saying, "Sorry, I am so slow," you could say, "Thanks for your patience." :-)

Why Choose Slow Hiking?

  • Everyone in the group is on the same page

  • You can go at your own pace without feeling rushed

  • It's the same great hike but with the added comfort of knowing everyone is happy to take it slow

  • It makes for a lovely, cohesive group experience

Where Do We Go?

For our slow hiking options, we've chosen two beautiful and technically easy hikes:

Kaikoura Coast Track

Banks Peninsula Track

This tour is another fantastic option for slow hiking. Altitude differences are around 400 metres. Like the Banks Peninsula Track, it's designed to be manageable and enjoyable for hikers of all levels.

This hike features a moderate challenge with about 500 meters of altitude difference on day 1 and 700 meters on day 3 (including some steps). It's perfect for beginners as it doesn't require advanced skills. It's all about taking your time and enjoying the stunning views.

Two tour choices for slower hiking trips: Banks Peninsua Track or Kaikoura Coast Track

Two great regions to explore - join us and rediscover the joy of hiking at a pace that suits you.

Let's embrace the journey together!


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